Install a well and pump: protect your investment, save money today!

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Save money on rising water costs with a well and pump



With access to your own water source, you could pay much less per year than if you relied solely on municipal water. Trust Five Towns Sprinkler Service, Inc. for all your well and pump needs.

Water pump

   • No water or low water volume

   • Low water pressure

   • High iron content

   • Rust removal systems installed

   • Well drilling and well installation

   • Pump systems installed and repaired

Well and pump issues resolved:

As an exclusive dealer of Goulds, Sta-rite, and Berkeley pumps, we can assure you that you'll get the best quality pump system, personalized to fit your home and property.


Need an old water storage tank replaced? 

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Custom-designed pump systems installed


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Install a quality

rust removal system 


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